Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Try Did You?

This afternoon, I got to my meeting a bit early and noticed that there was a still a crowd of people in the conference room that I was scheduled to be meeting in.  So, I waited in the hallway for a few minutes.  It wasn't long until the crowd of what seemed like fifty people started filing out of a conference room designed for fifteen!  I didn't notice anything in particular about them, but when I walked into the room they had all vacated, I noticed a bit of their presence remaining.  The room was definitely warmer than the hallway and had a touch of body odor.

I thought that maybe I could cool the room down before my meeting started.  I assumed the thermostat would be covered by a clear locked box and wasn't surprised when I found it that way.  The counter-culture hacker in me said, "maybe you can pry it off or pick the lock."  So, I figured I should at least give it try and wiggle the plastic cover.

It came right off the wall.

And I turned the thermostat down a few degrees.

And everyone in my meeting was happier for the not-so-stuffy-anymore room.

All because I questioned my assumptions and ignored my expectations of failure.  Or maybe it was my Jedi mind-powers that unlocked the plastic cover over the thermostat.  Who knows.

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