Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I've been reading Macrowikimomics by Don Tapscott. Great read.

One of my favorite things is the connection I see between his description of "platforms" that people are building to leverage and focus social collaboration and the Unix Philosophy of 40 years ago. Where I am in the book, he's only just now started to reference Linux and the Open Source movement. (Shocking realization: I got into Linux in year 1996 when it was only 5 years old. Now Linux in 22 years old.)

I'm starting to draw connections into my own professional life in healthcare. I think there are home opportunities to leverage "the commons" to improve the business of healthcare. My opinion: healthcare technology and business services vendors are a huge part of the inefficiency and cost of healthcare. If we take their value proposition and make it deliver it through open collaboration instead, we have the opportunity to eliminate that waste, improve the value being delivered, and extend that value beyond only those health systems that can afford the exorbitant fees.

Let's give that a try and see how it goes. Watch for updates...