Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reading List

Last week, I got hear John Ladley present on Master Data Management.  I'm excited to get his new book, Enterprise Information Management, which publishes tomorrow!  I followed up with an email conversation with him and have suddenly increased my reading list by about 10 new books he suggested I pick up and read -- and I thought my shelf was pretty well stocked!

On Tuesday, I walked into my office to find a present for me on my desk.  It was Business Intelligence, a newly published book by local UMSL professor Rajiv Sabherwal.  I know Rajiv through my membership on the UMSL IS Board of Advisors, and it turns out that his neighbor works with me, too.

Speaking of books, I carry around a printed out draft of my PragProWriMo book from last November.  It's a good reminder about the importance of communication.  I originally had the goal of revising a couple of chapters and submitting them in January, but I've adjusted that to be revise during PragProWriMo'11 and submit after that.

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