Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Magic Quadrant for DW DBMS

Gartner released it's new Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse DBMS platforms.  I tend to think that Gartner does a reasonably good job with its Magic Quadrant results.

Here's my personal summary.
  • Oracle holding on to 2nd place for enterprise data warehousing with its "reference configurations," Exadata product, and 11g upgrade as prominent strengths; downside being claims of higher DBA FTE cost than some other DW platforms.
  • Teradata remaining the clear leader and probably expanding their market presence with newer pricing model and platform options.
  • Microsoft lagging far behind the other big vendors while it tries to integrate the technology it purchased with DATAllegro in 2007.
  • My favorite aspiring open source vendor, InfoBright, sitting in the middle of the of the niche quadrant as a brand new entrant.

Full disclosure: I don't own stock or have a personal stake in Gartner or any of these companies.  I've personally developed or managed large data warehouses on DB2, Teradata, and Oracle.

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